Summer slow down…

It’s the end of Summer in my part of the world, which generally means it’s been far too hot to work in the shed.  Unless you like spending your days in a sauna bath…

I’ve had a few other distractions as well, but I’ve made a little more progress on the Viper.  I completed the access hatch and have started development on the remaining fuselage formers.

IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0204


I’ve also done a little on the tail fin.  Using aluminium angle, I’ve recreated the stepped edges that can be seen on the original filming prop and models.  Early days yet, but it’s starting to take shape.  I’ll be constructing a traditional internal aluminium airframe and skinning with 0.6 mm aluminium sheet, replicating the panel lines of the original filming prop.

IMG_0244 IMG_0243 IMG_0238

My other distractions include building a carport, to free up room in my shed – to allow me to start work on the remainder of the Viper’s fuselage; my brother and I are restoring a 68 Dodge Charger, and I build models in my ‘spare time’.  My MPC Millennium Falcon is coming along nicely, but needs further weathering to turn it into the ‘fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy’:

IMG_0235 IMG_0234

I’ve also started on an Airfix 1/24 scale Mk1 Spitfire as well:


The Autumn weather should start to cool things down here in the next month or so. In the meantime, I’m itching to get back into the shed and get stuck into some more Viper airframe construction.

Stay tuned…