Full Steam Ahead!

Work continues sheeting the left hand side of the nose section of the Viper.

Starting from the bottom, I begin cutting, drilling and dimpling the sheet aluminium panels.  The panel lines are very similar to the right hand side, but there are some differences.  Again, most of the sheet aluminium is 0.6mm, with a few of the smaller sections fabricated from 1.0mm sheet.



The following photos show the rough placement of a panel, which needs to be properly sized before being drilled and dimpled.



The photo below gives an idea of the size of the nose section, around 2 metres in length.


I also started on the development of the remaining fuselage, from the nose section back to the cockpit.  I started with the front and rear bulkheads/formers and using a straight section of pipe, spanned the distance between them.  The remaining profiles of the formers could then be determined, by measuring the distance from the centreline to the stringer locations at 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 degrees.

The former half profiles are then cut out and spaced along the centreline.
Stringers are then positioned to ensure profiles are accurate.



But my immediate goal is to complete the sheet metal panelling of the nose section, before applying filler, blocking and painting.

Until next time…