Formers/Frames/Bulkheads, repeat…

My recent efforts on the Viper have all been related to the fuselage formers, frames or bulkheads.  These are what gives the fuselage its shape and profile.  Very important to get right and very time consuming to build right.

Former number 1, the largest former at the rear of the cockpit section was fixed into place and then former 8 was constructed at the front.  The completed nose section will mount against this former.


Former number 4 is at the front of the cockpit section.  This was constructed in a similar fashion to former 1, double sided with a flange in between.  Strong and light weight.


View from the cockpit.

Former 5 is single sided with an inner and outer flange.



The fuselage is taking shape, but I still have another 4 formers to build.

It’s warming up in this part of the world but I’ve been lucky enough to have a few wet and cool weekends to make some progress.  I’ll continue with the formers while the weather permits, but I suspect I won’t achieve much more during the summer months.