Fuselage Foundations

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my progress, but I’ve achieved a worthwhile milestone and thought it would be a good time to share.

I’ve been working on the main fuselage, completing the formers and working on the underside sheeting.



With this done, I began preparing to fit the nose section to the main fuselage:



A little more alignment to get it looking right:


The view from the cockpit and behind:


Next on the task list is attaching the stringers to run the length of the fuselage and then fitting out the cockpit.


8 thoughts on “Fuselage Foundations

  1. Any progress worthy of pictures? Been checking here every day eager to see you finish this thing. Gorgeous work. Now if you could get Richard Hatch or Dirk Benedict to pose in and out of it.

    Chomping at the bit….



    • Thanks for your interest in the project! Unfortunately I haven’t progressed much further with the build at this stage. I’ve been sidetracked on a car restoration project – too many projects and not enough time on weekends 😖 Hoping to do more to the viper soon…



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