The Shape of Things to Come…

While waiting for one of the hottest Summer’s on record to end, I’ve been doing what I can in the morning’s or late afternoons.  I’ve started to prepare some of the larger skins for the main fuselage.




I also did some proof of concept sheeting to get an idea of the accuracy of the overall shape of the fuselage – to get a sense of the shape of things to come.  So far so good.




From the inside – looks quite authentic to me!




Before I permanently sheet the outside of the cockpit area, I’ll need to fit out the internals of the cockpit.  That oughta be interesting…

On a final sad note, RIP Richard Hatch, immortalised as Captain Apollo.  One of the great sci-fi hero’s of my childhood and played so well by Richard.  From all reports, a real good bloke who genuinely made the world a better place.  Certainly a big inspiration for me and this project.  Gone but not forgotten…


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