Beginnings of the Cockpit

I’ve started on the layout of the cockpit panels.  Some tricky geometrical shapes to work through, but I’m slowly sorting through the issues.

I’ve also been working on shaping the outer skin panels, but these cannot be permanently attached until the cockpit is properly fitted out.  Some progress pics:

Small steps, but it’s beginning to take shape.


5 thoughts on “Beginnings of the Cockpit

  1. ‘Just a short note to say you’re doing an awesome job so far. ‘Been following your progress since the beginning, buddy. ‘So glad to see this coming along well. Keep going, & never quit, my friend. Best wishes,
    Salvage0ne (String)

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    • P.S. – On a sad note, Richard’s passing took a toll on us all. His many years of devotion towards resurrecting Battlestar Galactica was a great love of his, of which he shared with us all, will never be forgotten, nor will his legacy as portraying Captain Apollo. Thank you for keeping BSG alive in your own way, sir. I’m sure Richard would be very proud, and he’s undoubtedly smiling down on you. R.I.P. Richard “Cpt. Apollo” Hatch.

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