Left Hand Engine Intake Construction

I’m currently working on the left hand engine intake, one of the most difficult shapes in the project to form.  Like the top engine intake, it’s a complex shape to construct out of aluminium sheet.
I thought I’d try a different strategy to form the compound curves for this intake. Instead of overlapping the sheets on the curves, I thought I would try stitching them together, having the sheets butt together and have a joining sheet underneath.

I had hoped that it would provide a surface needing less filler and finishing. My strategy works quite well, however it does take significantly more time. It will still need an amount of filler and finishing, so it may be quicker to go back to my original strategy and simply overlap the sheets.

To visualise how it all looks together, I positioned the intake in the approximate position on the left hand engine of the Viper. I’m happy that I’m on the right track as everything lines up as I’d hoped for and it faithfully replicates the shape pretty well.

Next up I’ll need to finish the structure of the rear section, bolt in the rear landing gear mounting frame, the wing mounting frame and install space frame diagonal angle for strengthening.  I can then sheet the side adjacent to the intake and begin mounting the engine and intake.

I’m also very keen to put the front and back halves together to ensure everything aligns as expected.  But I’ll need to build myself a trolley/dolly on castors before I can move the front fuselage.

So much to do, so little time… until next time.



6 thoughts on “Left Hand Engine Intake Construction

  1. Fantastic progress mate. Mine’s been dismantled and stored away until I can build a bigger shed. I’ll get my fix in the meantime, buy watching your build. Now get moving! 😛

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    • Thanks Baz, glad to have you along for the ride mate! Yes I’ve seen that you’ve had to take a hiatus to get your shed built – I feel your pain completely. Hang in there, it will be absolutely worth it when you’re done.
      Busy year, but would love to get one side finished by years end. I have a 68 Dodge Charger that I’m expecting back from the paint shop in the next couple of months – that’ll throw a spanner in the works. I’m also heading to the US and UK for 6 weeks in October with the missus, so the clock is ticking 😁
      Cheers Scott


  2. BTW, I bought 70kg trolley wheels, (straight and swivel) from Bunnings and bolted them with M8 cuphead bolts to a 50x200x500mm chunk of timber. SOLID and far more sturdy than the dolly trolleys that Bunnings sells complete. One of these under each foot should be more than enough to carry the load.
    Here’s a pic. https://i.imgur.com/Kjy7bgE.jpg?1

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  3. Gotta tell ya, youre my hero. I just I could see(better yet, fly) that Viper with some Pratt & Whitney’s!! Keep going, we are all rooting for you!!!!

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