One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Project Viper…

I took a day off work to give me a long weekend last week, with one of my main goals to build a trolley/dolly for the Viper fuselage, and to move it into the shed with the back half.  I was originally going to build it out of steel section and weld it all together.  After some deliberation, I decided to build a wooden frame at this stage – much cheaper, quicker and easier in the short term.  Cost me $30 in timber and a few hours in effort.  I bought some heavy duty castor wheels, which I’ll eventually use in the steel version of the trolley that I’ll build to assist with transporting the Viper.

After completing the trolley build I slid it under the Viper fuselage, attached it and rolled it out of my main shed, around to the rear shed where it will be located from now on.  I wasn’t able to join the front and rear halves at this stage, as the rear half is on the rotisserie frame.  I’ll have to move it off to allow the proper joining of the two halves.  But in the meantime, I moved the two halves as close as possible, to allow me to visualise the overall dimensions and alignment of the craft.  There’s an excess gap of around 30cm or 1 foot for the time being, but allowing for that it looks very much like the Viper I remember as a kid.

Holy frak!!  There’s a Colonial Viper in my garage:






It’s very much a work in progress but as a proof of concept, I’ve basically done what I set out to do.  Still plenty of challenges ahead, but I’m confident that the build can now progress to completion.

I’m thinking I’d like to build the left wing next, which will really bring home that classic star fighter shape we all know and love.