A Few Greeblies More

I’ve been working on some of the engine greeble details recently, trying out different ideas. I’ve looked at various configurations and materials to arrive at something that looks like the filming prop and has a realistic used look as well. I ended up using some various sizes of copper, aluminium and pvc pipe, plus some very special greeble shapes to arrive at this:

I then did some test weathering and added some of the extra piping:

Further piping was fitted, along with the greeblies at the rear of the intakes. These required careful thought and planning to create the original look of the prop, but I believe I’ve arrived at a suitable solution. There are 6 of these per intake – they’ll take some time to create, but they should look the part.

Just for fun, I also had a play with some red racing stripes:

That’s about it for this episode – until next time.