Drawings and Sketches

I’ve had a few inquiries about drawings, blueprints, etc. I don’t have much in the way of formal drawings and blueprints, but I’m happy to share what I have if it’s useful. The formers/frames/bulkheads are the only components that I have spent any significant time drawing – mainly because they are essential in achieving the correct shape and profile of the Viper’s fuselage/nose.

The majority of the build has been improvised with the help of rough sketches/dimensions in my notebook. I have used the available 1/32 plastic models to provide the approximate shape and overall dimensions. There has been a lot of scaling up and massaging to achieve the full scale shape.

Here are the initial fuselage profiles I took from the 1/32 plastic model. I used modeling clay to create the profile and transferred it to grid paper:

Fuselage profiles 1/32
Engine Intake Profiles 1/32

I refined and upscaled the 1/32 profiles to 1/10th scale. The ordinates were then determined and 1:1 scale profiles were drawn to make the patterns/templates.

The relative positions of the formers/frames/bulkheads was determined from the 1/32 model and calculated for 1:1