Getting the Backend into Shape

We’ve had a few public holidays and long weekends in my part of the world recently and it’s been a great opportunity to spend some quality time in the man cave on the project.

I decided I’d like to have a crack at the tail fin structure and sheeting.  I’d built the outside framing ages ago, but never had a good place to store the full size tail fin.  It went together fairly smoothly, the main hurdles being the panel lines in the sheeting and getting them reasonably accurate.

With the sheeting almost done on one side I set the fin on top of the engine housing and stood back using the TLAR (That Looks About Right) method to assess accuracy:

Next I moved onto the port side engine housing.  Using the same construction as the top engine, I began forming the circular fames, and attaching stringers.  I also used some patterns to help visualise.

I then attached a skin to really put things into perspective:

While in a visual frame of mind I also made a start on the port engine intake and the wing frame.

It certainly helps me to visualise the overall size and accuracy of the shapes.

Until next time…