A new year, a new beginning…

It’s been a long while since I’ve reported on the Viper build, but I finally have made some progress worthy of publishing.  A new year, a new beginning…

One of my main hurdles was a lack of space for the Viper and my various other projects.  To address this I’ve built another 12m x 7m shed.  This space will allow me to continue with the build and will eventually be the home of the completed Viper.  Always in search of a new challenge, I ended up doing the shed build myself, with some help from family and friends.  It took the best part of 12 months but I now have a great deal of extra space and a hangar in which to house and protect the whole Viper.

 In terms of the Viper, I’ve been sheeting the fuselage and almost have one side complete.  I’ve acquired a bend brake to assist with the straight edge bends and would now be lost without it.

I’ve also been working on the canopy – a combination of aluminium framing and polycarbonate.  The poly sheeting has a slight tint to it and should look great when the canopy is done.


I began some work on the high engine intake and have a plan on how to sheet it and accurately achieve the compound curves.

Starting to look more like it now:

Finally, I’ve started on the rear half of the Viper framework.


I hope my next update will much sooner this time round…  All the best for 2019 !!