That’s a Big Shiny Ship!

Some progress to report with the Viper of late, after a few months of minimal activity.  I constructed the wing support structure. out of 50 x 50 gal steel hollow section.  The wings will be mounted to this, as well as the left and right engine housings.


I then moved onto the rear section panel, the one that fits between the three engine exhaust nozzles.  I built a frame and then cut a template to work out the correct shape.  Finally, aluminium sheets were cut and fitted to the frame.  I’ll create a rear access panel to allow entry into the rear of the fuselage – this will contain some of the greebly detail in this area.

After finishing some of the sheeting of the engine intakes, top engine housings, next up I got started on the first of the engine exhaust nozzles, for the centre engine.  This would finally show the overall length of the ship and provide full overview of the scale of the Viper.  I created the cylindrical shape using joined quarter circle formers and a sheet of 0.6 mm aluminium sheet.  I then test fitted it in place on top of the rear panel.

At his stage I plan on adding the exhaust “vanes” using 20mm square hollow section aluminium.  I’ve looked at what other alternatives I can use, but haven’t found anything lighter / better / less expensive.

I then did some test fitting and took a photo opportunity to stand back and appreciate how far the build has progressed (and to recognise how far it has to go!).  That’s a big shiny ship!






Next up will be attaching the side engine intake, engine housing and creating an exhaust nozzle to suit.